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Advisory Board / Advocacy / Employment & Education


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The purpose of the Waipahu Aloha clubhouse advisory board is to support, encourage, and offer suggestions to the Clubhouse colleagues, in the effort to...

-Promote the Waipahu Aloha Clubhouse throughout the community

-Identify opportunities for the Club to contribute to the local community 

-Work with the Club to address and reduce the stigma on Mental illness

-Assist in fundraising and special events

-Assist in developing employment opportunities for members

-Support the day to day functioning of the Clubhouse

-Promote confidence and self-respect among the membership



The mission of the Waipahu Aloha Clubhouse's Advocacy Group is to provide a voice for members to fight for rights and services entitled to them and to endorse and provide testimony for bills pending that address pertinent issues members believe in.   Also major focus is placed in educating members of useful resources and services available to regardless of circumstance and educating the public on mental health issues while dispelling myths about mental illness.  Lastly members are encouraged to take active roles in government and democratic processes by defining and tracking house and senate bills, endorsing voter registration, and encouraging all to vote and stay politically informed.



Employment is a fundamental element of our Clubhouse philosophy--it is a source of accomplishment, self-confidence, and empowerment for our members.
The Clubhouse assists members to reach their vocational and educational goals by helping them take advantage of adult education opportunities in the community.

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